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Well, here we are..

If you accessed directly this page, without visiting the others, it's not a good sign, since - maybe - you are looking for a cheap musician. Maybe not, but usually it is so. In this case you are in the wrong place BUT.. don't panic! After more than 40 years of piping experience and more than 35 years in playing at weddings it is possible you choose me more for my talent than for my money.
Anyway I'm not hungry for money and I rated my performance on an average that you can surely afford. Don't forget that often the right price is a mix of convenience for both the parts and pay less to have less and more to have more.

Being a professional wedding photographer and film-maker, working with my wife she as well a professional wedding photographer, I have an idea of what a professional could cost and what is demanded in terms of professionalism, care, flawless results. In the last years It has become customary to leave an amateur to make what usually is a professional job, saving money and then repent looking at the results.. It's a bad habit since a wedding is a very special day with no second chances. I always will remember a couple of years ago.. I was piping at a wedding where the photographer was an amateur, a friend with a huge gear who passed all the time shooting everywhere. My wife Simonetta was with me just to take some shots of me as she usually does, for promotional purposes. She kindly asked then to the amateur photographer if she could shoot as if she was working herself as the official photographer. He agreed fearing his work couldn't be so effective.. Ok. The wedding finished and we came back home. After few days the bride called to have a look at Simonetta's work, and we sent the low-res pictures. At the end of the day she ordered the whole wedding photo service from Simonetta as well as the wedding album because the other pictures were unusable! A "saved" wedding..

Ok, talk of money.

I usually offer two kind of services, one for the wedding ceremony only and one for the whole day. Find below the differences and comparison and choose the one that better fits your needs and money. Thank you.

DetailsCeremony Only ServiceWhole Day Service
Start time
1/2 hour before the arrival of bride at church/townhall
No limits
End TimeAfter end of ceremony and playing outdoor some tunesNo limits
Number of tunesUsually 5/6 tunesNo limits
DressOf your choice
Of your choice
Total priceEuro 300.00 excl. VAT 23%Euro 500.00 excl. VAT 23%
NotesPrices exclude travel fares outside Co. Donegal, room and board if the wedding let me stay overnight.
Prices exclude travel fares outside Co. Donegal, room and board if the wedding let me stay overnight.

  • Payments: Euro 100.00 at booking, the remaining at beginning of the wedding day
  • Payment methods: cash, bank payment, Paypal
  • Invoice from MacSim Limited
  • All offers include a free Skype chat or a tea/coffee at our cottage, the best way to know each other and decide the details together


Pietro Malaguti - Great Highland Bagpipe since 1975
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